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Organic Mobility is the Crawl Labs version of Yoga.


This practice combines elements and principles from strength and flexibility science with simple and fluid transitional movements, to create a mat-based method that offers much more than just stretching or trying to move between postures.

Instead of postures, we consider each shape created to be more of an architectural framework. This framework is dynamic and malleable and can be morphed in various ways to uncover new information about one’s own movement and tolerance zones, in order to accomplish specific goals.

Organic Mobility is an inward practice that requires the student to engage in a deeply personal dialogue with their body. We use breathing and focused attention to develop an ability to regulate our nervous system response while directing tensional forces with appropriate care and precision.

Learn to develop a practical and embodied understanding of your physical anatomy, and to build nuanced awareness of your joints and muscles and how they operate in different scenarios. Learn to be precise and deliberate with how you engage with your movements while also deepening your awareness of micro-movements and activations.

Classes are generally slow and restorative, with a sprinkling of hard work. They leave students feeling activated, with their bodies and minds awake and attuned to their physicality.

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