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Have you ever watched someone seamlessly move into a handstand and balance for what could feel like a lifetime with unwavering concentration and focus? 

What a powerful experience to be able to control and guide one’s physical frame through three-dimensional space with such ease and precision. 


Handstands and inversion practices involve so much more than being upside down: to find actual value and progression, you’ll need more than just a wall and some hopeful ambition.

There are innumerable physical benefits to learning to invert your body and control it through space, including balance, spatial awareness, strong and coordinated wrists, arms and shoulders and a connected, powerful core. Not only that, the mental clarity and concentration-building benefits of the practice are tremendous.

By learning to invert our bodies, we invert our perspectives, we invert our consciousness and allow ourselves to witness and experience reality, quite literally, upside-down. This can be a powerful tool for thinking and contemplation: to invert oneself and shift one’s perspective. To flip our default perspective on its head and consider that reality may not be quite as we once viewed it. We build a new framework for thinking about things…

Handstand 1.jpeg
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