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The Gymnastic Rings are one of the most simple and powerful tools for developing exceptional levels of upper-body strength, coordination and mobility. Current fitness and callisthenics trends promote the use of gymnastic rings. Still, few offer comprehensive and detailed progressions that are beginner-friendly: the typical entry point for most of the general population is too advanced and demanding. Using gymnastic rings requires a lot of time and patience to build real strength and skill. Unfortunately, most people begin their journey at a level that is far beyond their actual tolerance zone and capacity to withstand complex and heavy loads. 


Gymnastic Elements is the premier group class offering at Crawl Labs.

Focused on developing critical kinaesthetic awareness and coordination as well as core strength, flexibility, and strength through range of motion, these classes work on taking absolute beginners through the necessary foundational development needed to begin developing a meaningful and sustainable callisthenics practice.


Our aim is to bring gymnastic strength training and ring skill work to the broader public by dismantling the typical barriers to entry and creating a space that allows students to develop the fundamental and foundational mobility, strength, awareness, coordination and timing needed to get the most out of their practice.


If you have ever watched Olympic Gymnastic Rings competitions, you will have been awestruck by the immense explosive power and precision expressed during the execution of each movement and sequence.


Gymnastic Elements Foundations classes teach students how to develop an awareness of their central axis and its relationship to tension and momentum safely and progressively. Our Foundations classes ensure that students are able to use their feet on the floor while working with the rings, and this way, we can lower the strength demands of each movement and focus more precisely on technique. As students become more proficient in their technical application of movements, they develop a greater awareness of how to increase their personal effort levels to meet themselves at their own personal tolerance level. 


This approach not only allows the student to practise safely but also allows them to develop a sense of self-determination and responsibility to take ownership of their own practice. This can be a very empowering and confidence-building process as students begin to build an ever greater sense of self-trust and understanding of their limitations and how to respectfully and consciously address and ultimately overcome them.

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